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Happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product.” Eleanor Roosevelt

The Happiness Syndrome

Every year thousands of books and articles are published on how to be happy—usually how to get “there” faster, or to get more of “it,” however you wish to define “there” and “it.” This is not a fad; it goes back thousands of years.

Aristotle concluded 2,300 years ago that more than anything else in life, people seek happiness, usually through beauty, money, power or...Read more

You’re a college student struggling to create your future, a future embraced with meaning, success, fun and fulfillment—been there, done that, and know the challenges and misgivings that come at that point in college life. However, I can assure you that tools exist to short-circuit what can be an arduous process, often filled with disappointment as you struggle from major to major and job to job, in order to get “there,” wherever you think “there” may be....Read more

"Work without love is slavery." -- Mother Teresa

"Why You Hate Work" was the eye-catching title of an op-ed in the New York Timesseveral weeks ago. The phrase really bothered me, I guess because what the article had to say was right on the money. However, in addition to citing numerous research data that support the hyperbole of the title, the authors provide a list of sound solutions to meet the challenges discussed.

The lead author Tony Schwartz is...Read more

This interview with Jim was originally published on the website of Luxe in a City, a luxury travel magazine dedicated to providing the very best information and recommendations for travellers who want to experience the finer side of the planet.

2001 will surely go down in history as the year of infamy for me.  I lost my wife, my father, and nearly lost my faith in humanity on September 11.  I had never before experienced anxiety and depression....Read more

This interview with Jim was originally published on the website of Agence Luxury, a boutique marketing and branding company specializing in the luxury lifestyle.

1. Your career has spanned four very different fields. Which area of work have you found the most inspiring and why?

All have been self-inspiring in their own way. If I had to choose one, I would say co-founding and leading the growth of Catalytica pharmaceuticals. Our motivating vision was to create practical...Read more

Swarthmore College has a current endowment of $1.635 billion, some of which is invested in support of the fossil fuel industry, and yet historically the college has been a strong supporter of social justice in essentially all other aspects of its operation. The climate change -- fossil fuel connection does not appear to be on its radar screen.

Swarthmore's president, Rebecca Chopp, maintains that ...Read more

Dear Mr. Republican:

I'm afraid, very afraid -- for my children and for yours. And I'm not quite sure what to do about it. Can you please help me? Even if you just listened to understand, that would go a long way.

Sir, I'm neither a Democrat, nor a Republican, but I see a rapid rise of two new "religions," Democratism and Republicanism, both deeply pitted against each other, and it's terribly frightening. In spirit and emotional casualties, the outcome...Read more

Earlier this week I helped organize and emceed a very special event in Prague for my dear friend, Deepak Chopra. I was thrilled to introduce to Prague (and for the first time) one of the most influential medicinal doctors of our time - a man who specializes in both alternative medicine and holistic approach.

Find more on Deepak Chopra here.

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My favorite thing to do in the morning is driving my 7 year-old Julia to the International School in Prague, where she is in first grade. It’s normally a 20-minute drive and during that time we sing, mostly American rock & roll, but also Czech and Slovak songs, as well. It’s great! In between CDs, we have discussions that sometimes just blow me away. I missed much of this with my two older daughters, Doreen and Polly. I was “too...Read more

In this interview, I discuss the ways in which I followed my callings (in the science and entertainment business) as well as the importance of following your passions.

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